About Us

About us

FMIC (Future Management & Innovation Consulting Inc.) was established in April, 2003 as a strategic joint venture of JMAC and IMIG.

By blending management innovation technology of JMAC, which has provided consulting services to various Japanese businesses for years, and development technology concept of IMIG in Germany, FMIC will provide consulting services of new paradigm in development strategy.

Name Future Management & Innovation Consulting Inc.
Established April 1st, 2003
Capital 24 million Yen (as of April 2005)
Address Toranomon 4-chome MT Building 2-goukan 4-2-12 Toranomon,
Minato-ku Tokyo 105-0001   MAP
TEL 03-3459-8178
FAX 03-3459-8179
President & CEO Kazuo Ooiwa