Develop the innovative future strategy

A-NEW is the new structure and methodology to push forward Company's reform plans effectively for the continuous growth of innovation and creation. A company is an agile system, and therefore the A-NEW methodology is based on a triple action (three change cycles) system to go the future way. Triple action becomes customized to the overall company innovative activities' planning and execution.

Continuance  ・Break through ・Experiment

Triple action divides company's growth success factors into 3 layers. ① 「Continuous growth」 as 「being helpful」 ② 「Break through growth」 as 「being trusted」 ③ 「Experimental growth」 as 「expectation」 For each layer, we design the innovative vision, strategy & action plan.

Emphasis on principles

Principles or rules are important to proceed "Management" and are the basis for growth innovation. With our fundamental principles we review the business and organization with the viewpoint of 「genba」 (actual area), 「genten」(origin) and 「gentei」(outline).